oh my auggie

I Picked A Booger

This morning I loaded Auggie into the car to take him to doggie daycare. I’ve been taking him every Wednesday, and this morning I had a meeting at my bank to talk about getting pre-approved for a mortgage.
The bank branch I had my appointment at is on the same street as the daycare facility, so I figured I’d just take Auggie to daycare a bit earlier than usual, drop him off, then turn around and drive back down to the bank for my meeting.
As I’m putting Auggie into his soft-sided crate in my back seat, I notice that the top panel is still unzipped a little. I remember I unzipped it so there was a small hole that more air could circulate in through, since it was rather hot this weekend. Somewhere in the back of my mind I considered zipping that shut.

I didn’t.

Halfway to daycare, I hear Auggie rustling around in his crate. “What are you doing back there?” I ask him (because I always talk to my dog as though one day he will open his mouth and answer. And honestly, if he did one day, I’m not sure I’d be surprised.) “What, are you throwing a party in your crate or something? Stop it. Settle down.”

He does for a little bit. Then I hear more rustling. Again, somewhere in the back of my mind, I have this niggling thought about that unzipped top panel and wonder if he’s trying to open the panel more so he can stick his head out the top of the crate… but I quickly cast that thought aside.

Until I glance in my rear-view mirror.

I can only assume all the rustling around I heard was him wiggling and maneuvering around to get the panel open further than the small hole I had left open. Because he had it open about halfway, perched his front legs on the top of the crate, smiling like a smug little booger all proud of himself, looking around and watching the cars go by.

I dropped him off at daycare and informed him I was not coming back for him.
Then I went back out to the car and very firmly zipped the top panel closed.

What a complete and total booger.

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