oh my auggie

Bark For Life – American Cancer Society Event

Auggie and I participated in Bark for Life, a canine version of Relay for Life, an event held annually by the American Cancer Society to raise funds to benefit cancer research.
We were there both to walk, but also as a vendor!

My booth for Dogged Illustration, where I sell prints of generic breed imagery as well as custom silhouettes of individual dogs. You can see my examples on the left there… the big red one is Auggie!

All doggie participants got a purple bandanna. Auggie HATES to wear bandannas… but he happily wore this one all afternoon long.

We walked a whopping mile – not long, but it was pretty warm out; too hot for several of the bigger dogs, in fact. Auggie was a champ and didn’t mind the heat, or the walk, one bit. In fact, he thought it was pretty darn awesome.

Fun times were had by all! After the walk there were contests, like biggest dog, littlest dog, and Musical Sits. I hope Bark For Life becomes an annual event, it was great fun, and of course, it’s for a great cause.

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