oh my auggie

Proving Me Wrong

I got in trouble with Auggie, because I went outside with him and planned to take some photos, but he wasn’t doing anything fascinating. “I guess when you’ve had a dog for three and a half years, everything he does ceases to be cute and new, so you don’t really take as many pictures…” I said to Auggie.

“Excuse me? What??” Auggie said.

“I can still do cute things.”

“Like this! See? Put me in a wagon and I’m instantly adorable.”

“OMG what just happened??” I keep telling him he’s fat.

I told Auggie he looked like he was up to something. “I’m ALWAYS up to something,” he says.

“Yeeeees, I know I’m still cute.”

“Bring you the ball and sit?”


“What’s that you say? Oh, you think that’s cute?”

“Is this cuter?”

“Yes? Cute? You liked that one? Good.”

The moral of the story: Don’t tell Auggie he is no longer cute unless you’re prepared to deal with the consequences.

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