oh my auggie

Finally… finally!

I am very happy to say that, as of yesterday, I was finally able to change the sidebar to read that we only need TWO legs towards our NA title…
Yes, finally, finally, after ten tries, Auggie qualified in Novice Standard. SCT was 74 and Auggie’s time was 74.42; he ran up to the table and then stopped to just stare at it so got a refusal, so our score was 95.

I am SO PROUD of my little guy. Saturday we had a pretty rough day at the trial… the surface was TERRIBLY muddy, full of potholes, and the grass was that nasty, stiff stuff that you sit down on and it feels like you might as well be sitting on nails. Not to mention we got measured into 16 again because he stood on the measuring table so terrified he was trembling. Sigh.
But he made up for it on Sunday with a really great performance in JWW (NQ) and his fabulous qualifying run in Standard, proving once again that he can take just about everything in stride and bust it out, to boot.

We drove home blasting “Bad to the Bone.” I also was singing “baaad to the bone… baaad to the bone… b-b-b-b-bad… b-b-b-b-bad…” to him while holding him at the start line for standard while the bar setters were finishing raising the height on the table. I’m pretty sure the volunteer sitting near the start line could hear me and she must have thought I was nuts, but hey… it seems to have worked!

And would you believe it – I completely forgot to put his target out and practice with it before we went in the ring, but he STILL performed every one of those contacts excellently.

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