oh my auggie

Secret Santa has come to see Auggie

Auggie and I participated in a Secret Santa swap on the dog forum I belong to, and his amazing gift came today!!

“You say it’s for ME? Really?”

“What’s this? Oh a card… can I eat it? No? Then who cares.”

“Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!!” Peanut butter & blueberry soft cookies – these are AWESOME! They smell delicious and he loves them!

Posing pretty with his packages…

It’s a little sheep for my little sheepdog!! (He was nomming on it until I took the pic; the flash distracted him!)

Hmm, what’s in this one..?

It’s a little reindeer with rope legs… he is OBSESSED with this toy!!

I threw it. He brought it back and put it, for some reason, in all the packaging and things…

Then I threw it again…

…and again… (seriously – OBSESSED with this toy.)

And then – this is the BEST. PART. OMG. This is SO NICE, an AMAZING leash. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!

Auggie thinks it’s pretty manly. “Surely nobody will call me a girl dog when I’m wearing this!”

I made him pose with it… I LOVE IT AAAAH I LOVE IT. I’m obsessed with it like he’s obsessed with his reindeer toy.

“And now,” says Auggie, “the best part!!”


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