oh my auggie

Don’t go, Mommy…

Auggie knows. He knows.
Last year I packed for my vacation in secret… he was already in his crate sleeping. He did see the bags before I loaded them into the car in the morning, though, and I think that was enough.

I’ve only gone on vacation once since I’ve had Auggie (he is two and a half.) This is my second time… and I knew it was going to be harder on me, because I felt so much closer to him after our first agility trial a few months ago. I can’t explain it, but we bonded so much more just in that one time. I didn’t think I could love this little dog any more than I did before, but I do.

So… I got out the suitcase. I put it on the floor. I opened it. I turned around to grab some things to pack into it.
I turned back around…

He wants to come with me. =<

He didn’t understand why I started crying.

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