oh my auggie

A Pleasant Pet Store Visit

Took Auggie to the grand opening celebration of our local Pet Supplies Plus. I had to go out there for work reasons and thought it would be fun to take my dog along, so away we went! It was awesome to see a chain store carrying premium dog foods – I was pretty pleasantly surprised.
They had LOTS of lovely leashes, but I was good and only bought one. Also picked up one of those poop bag dispenser thingies because it was a really great deal… even though Auggie never poops away from home! But now I have one just in case. Grabbed some bone-print guaze for his emergency kit, bought a new pair of thinning shears, and got some free samples of Eagle Pack (free treats!)

Auggie is a WONDERFUL ambassador for shelties. This sounds weird, because normally you talk about dogs being ambassadors in breeds that have a bad reputation, like pitties or rotties or dobes or something like that… but today two people exclaimed how surprised they were that Auggie was perfectly happy to come up to them and be pet, because “normally these dogs are so shy!”
It’s nice to have a dog who fits correct sheltie temperament, even though it’s become so accepted in the breed to have dogs who are not just standoffish, but downright SHY.

Met a PWC puppy in the store who desperately wanted to play with Auggie. He was SO FREAKING CUTE. He had no tail, just a little stumpy, and it WAGGED LIKE ALL GET OUT. Soooooooo adorable!

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