oh my auggie

Kaner’s First Bath

Little baby Kaner was a bit itchy after his round of puppy shots, so I got out my soothing oatmeal shampoo to try and help calm his skin and gave him a bath. Poor guy, not even home for four days and he already gets his first bath!

Don’t be fooled, he was an unholy terror and wouldn’t stop moving and a small puppy soaped up with shampoo is basically like trying to wrangle six greased pigs.

But there is absolutely zero chance I’m going to miss out on the chance to turn him into a Kanersaurus Rex.

He’s not actually holding on for dear life, I’m just trying to keep him in the tub. HA.

No dryers necessary for this little fuzzy baby, a towel is good enough to dry off.

All clean, and now less itchy!

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