oh my auggie

New Baby, Day Two

Our second day with Kaner dawned rainy and gross! We did take some time to play outside, even in the dreary weather, but it wasn’t very fun getting all cold and wet.

Little guy trying to navigate the steps off the deck.

Payton came up on the deck and then bounded down off the deck like eight times, like IT’S TOTALLY NOT HARD COME ON WHEEE. You’re like three times Kaner’s size. Little bit different, P.

Face through the railings! I have this photo of Auggie and Payton so was sure to snag one of Kaner, too.

Trying to figure out how to get off the deck is hard.

Auggie isn’t really sure what the trouble is, either. I built this deck just so Auggie could safely navigate down into the yard, as the old concrete porch was unsafe and he kept falling. But this one is super safe and there’s really no trouble. You know, so long as you don’t have tiny little baby puppy legs.

Smellin’ brother P.

Just in case you think he’s all cuteness and sweetness, Kaner actually has a very powerful set of lungs on him and enjoys putting everything and anything in his mouth to chomp. Just so you know.

I mean, but he is pretty cute.

I think all of my puppies are cute because if they weren’t nobody would like them at all ever.

Look how cuuuuute I am not naughty at allllll


One thing I want to do is try to take a “family photo” every week. We just don’t know with Auggie’s CHF how long we have left, so as morbid as it sounds, I don’t want to miss out on getting a photo of all of my dogs together as Kaner continues to grow. It’s also kind of a fun project to see how much the puppy grows and changes every week. This is what counts for Kaner’s first week, what with the baby not knowing how to sit or stay… this is as good as it gets, folks. Don’t worry, I promise it will get better.

Then I made him wear these puppy jammies and it was adorable.

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