oh my auggie

Back Stalls (or Push-up with Puppies)

Here’s Payton, Georgie, then Auggie who fails at the whole “stall” part of this game LOL. But he’s adorable and I don’t really care. Seriously for like ten minutes he jumped back and forth over me and I laughed the entire time. Also he totally whacked me in the head with his paw. And I still laughed.

Including a blooper at the beginning because we were trying to get the shot set up and neither of us realized my mom was cuing Payton to spin and he was totally doing it…

(yes I know my form is rubbish, these do not count as real push ups.)

Both P and Georgie are doing pretty good with me moving under them considering we just started this trick, but mostly just getting them more comfy with me moving while they’re standing rather than a sit. Payton is trickier because his weight is distributed along my entire back… my butt was up way higher than it should be for a push up because I was trying to keep him from sliding down along my back. We’ll have to keep working on it so he learns to distribute his weight forward a bit and NOT slide off. Georgie is easier because she’s small so fits pretty close to my shoulders and that’s about it. =P

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