oh my auggie

Pro Christmas Pics 2012

Annual Christmas photos were yesterday… huge photo dump impending…

Georgie first! New prop this year, A SLED. OMG.

Serious Auggie is serious. Sigh.

My boy. <3
Aaaaand here we go with the annual “I love my dog a whole lot more than he loves me” photos!

THIS one I think is the winner… I like his face in this one.

Annual “Auggie hates me” photo LOL.

Payton. OMG. LOL.

My HAIR again. I almost cut my bangs before we left to prevent this from happening and I didn’t. Sigh.

Sometimes he is kinda sweet.

I like him a bit.

It’s a PAYTON!!

See, Auggie? PAYTON loves his mommy. PAYTON will give me a kiss on camera.

My little guy. He is sometimes proper…

and sometimes cute.

Slight bit of handsome devil.

I think this is my favourite. He looks naughty. He looks like Payton. XD

This is his “I just licked the floor and there was a bitch sitting here” expression. He was chattering. Stupid intact male dog.


“Call him, see if I can get him jumping out of the sled,” the photographer said. WELP. Future agility dog in the making LOL.

Peppy girl!

Remedial stays are still in progress. =|

I don’t even know…

SIGH this is what so many of my photos look like LOL. Bad girl.

Hey, THERE’S a cute photo!

Me ‘n my girl. <3
I love love love this photo because of how she’s looking at me. She is MY GIRL… no mistaking it.

And I kinda like her too.

The best of us I think.

Now time for ALL THREE DOGS. This was totally photoshopped together, not gonna lie, and it’s still not even perfect haha.

…oh dear.

“Quick quick, take the photo, I’m losing them!!”

This is my life guys.

I gotta admit it’s pretty hilarious LOL.

Watch me try to direct my dogs without even looking away from the camera. “Payton you come here…”

“…Pepper YOU should lay down too…”

Also shopped. Again, not gonna lie, LOL.

THEN… Auggie’s breeder was there with some of her crew so we tried a big family photo. Top row is Georgie, Pepper, Twizzle (Pepper’s sister, Georgie’s mom) and Twigley (Georgie’s sister.) Bottom row is Payton (Pep/Twizzle’s half-bro, for those who don’t remembered they are related), Raleigh (Auggie’s dad, Georgie’s grandpa), Georgie (Auggie’s grandma, Payton and Georgie’s great-grandma), Quigley (Auggie’s brother, Georgie’s dad), and of course Auggie.
I was behind the table, by the way, holding butts down. The front row was for “dogs who will stay.” I was very proud to be able to put Payton in the front row. Good boy little P.

LOL at the three young boys looking all excited.

OMG Quigley is SO bored of this!

Not sure what they’re looking at, haha.

Pepper will NOT stop sniffing her sister. STOP IT.

This one would probably be good except PEPPER is trying to plot her escape obviously. PEPPER.

I think this is the best one we got.

If only Pep and Twigley were looking at the camera! Georgia gets a pass because she’s mostly deaf and blind so she doesn’t have to look anywhere, she just has to wake up every morning.

THEN Payton decided he wanted to try and get away. He recalls somewhere on that floor a bitch was sitting and he would like to find that spot again please.
But wait, it gets better.

We got Payton to sit back up, then Georgie wanted to lay down.

Again, really close. I might be able to shop something together out of some of there haha.


Pepper was like “I BAIL BYE.”

Look at EVERY DOG’S EXPRESSION IN THIS PHOTO. I can’t stop laughing. By the way, Georgie decided since the big girly was bailing she was bailing too.

Payton is like “Crap she’s gonna land on my head! ABORT ABORT”

And poor Grandma doesn’t even know what’s happening LOL. (LOL at my arm in this one haha.)

The really funny part? Pepper jumps down so Georgie jumps down and then Twigley got down and everybody else was up and running around and we’re laughing and I’m like OF COURSE IT WAS PEPPER WHO RUINED IT ALL
And then I sit up and look down.
And there is Auggie.
Still sitting, still staying, right where I told him to sit and stay.


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