oh my auggie

Georgie v. Payton

Thursdays are my odd day because the class I like to take at the gym doesn’t start until 6:30. So I spend about an hour just sitting around waiting to go to the gym. What better way to blow the hour than take the dogs outside and encourage them to terrorize each other?

Georgie says “I LIKE THIS GAME”

Butts. Unfortunately where I was sitting I got a lot of views of their butts as they blew past, because they weren’t looping the garden the other direction as I’d hoped.

Not focused but these always crack me up haha.


Payton could so kick her butt if he wanted to. It’s a REALLY good thing he adores her.


More butts! That’s the end of it.

Oh, what Auggie was doing while this was going on:

Dumb puppies.

Sunbathing. I’m not sure he knows that dogs don’t tan.

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