oh my auggie

Dogs in a box

It all started with a sale on treats at Petco.com. And a rather large order of treats from Petco.com.

Then I had a huge empty cardboard box. Well, you can’t have an empty box in my house for long.

It’s a good thing Pepper’s not here because I don’t think FOUR would have fit. Well, maybe if I got Pepper and Payton to sit.

“HALP” says Payton. Auggie tries to figure out if he can jump out before I notice.

Georgie: Oh no you don’t! If I have to be in the box SO DO YOU!
Auggie: NO!

Auggie: *starts to scream*

Auggie: *more horrified screaming*
Payton: haaaahahaha.

Auggie: I HATE YOU

Georgie: So stay there.

Georgie: Now I gotta figure out how to get out of here.

Payton: Haha now she’s trying to get out and we’re all stuck in here!

Georgie: Curses! Why am I so little?!

Payton: Okay I’m bored with this now can we do something fun please?
Georgie: Maybe if I jump up and down I can tip the whole box over?
Auggie: I hate my life.

Shortly after Georgie managed to scramble halfway out and I told the boys to jump out and that was the end of that.
I take it as a good sign that Payton was pretty much like “Meh, this is normal, right?” He’s totally gotten used to living here…

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