oh my auggie

Crazy Banzai Twins, Part 2

I want to teach Auggie to jump over Pepper. She doesn’t find this highly amusing, but AUGGIE AND I SURE DO!! Actually he did it by accident but it cracked me up so I asked if he’d do it again, and he did, and ohhhh it’s so funny, and Auggie looks so proud of himself after jumping over her back too! Now I want it to be a trick.
And all it requires of Pepper is teaching her to stand still, which might be easier said than done.

I talked to Auggie’s breeder and she thinks Pepper might be coming into season. This would explain why she suddenly and randomly loses interest in food, some of her bizarre behaviour (like suddenly becoming terrified of a photo of Auggie I have sitting down near the floor that has been there ever since she arrived…) and Auggie’s determination to hump her. So we will have to just keep an eye on her and see if things start to change.

Also, at the time of writing this, she is ASLEEP under my desk. Head down on the floor and everything, not sitting or laying there with her head up like a tightly wound rubber band, but actually zzzzz-ing away. FINALLY!

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