oh my auggie

Somebody’s in the wrong bed, and More Pepper

The bed with peppers on it and the pink toys would suggest this is not the correct bed for my bad monster. Auggie disagrees and submits the argument that technically EVERYTHING in this house is his therefore this is also his bed.
Somehow I can’t quite dismiss his argument.

Photographic evidence that she HAS slept in this house… this was taken her first night here when she finally settled in her crate and fell asleep.

This is typically the shot I get of her, LOL. I can’t get much further back.

So then I took the same shot of Auggie, LOL.

Monster man <3

She walked away from me for a second. Whoo! Standing by the jump chute (she won’t actually take any of the jumps even though they’re only 4″.)

Comin’ back to me.

Ahhh! They’re standing next to each other!!

Standing next to each other again!!

I tried to get a nice one of her and Auggie together but she doesn’t really listen to sit and she DEFINITELY doesn’t listen to stay so it wasn’t happening. Auggie sat there patiently and waited and finally I just told him he was a good boy, forget it, and he could go play now. Sometimes I think he must be sitting there next to me and Pepper, watching her, and thinking “Gosh, it’s just SIT. It’s not like it’s hard. Just SIT!”

She is settling down faster when I sit down somewhere instead of pacing around like something terrible is about to happen… the first couple of days, if I sat down at the computer or sat down to flip through channels on the TV, I ended up stuck there for a while because I wanted to wait for her to settle down before I got back up. Now she seems to have learned that, okay, if somebody has sat down, we’re going to be here for a bit so lay down and take a break! But she still won’t settle enough to take any naps outside of her crate (and even inside her crate, if people are around, she’s awake and alert)… and she still won’t play with anybody, including Auggie. Sigh.

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