oh my auggie

My dog is going to devour me

First he leaned over, all sweet-like and gave my foot a teeny, tiny little lick. He knows I don’t like him to lick my feet but it was like a little kissy-kiss and that was it. No obsessive, slobbery licking. Just a little lick.

Then he leaned over and gave my big toe a NIBBLE.

He’s NEVER done that before. WTF. Just with his front teeth, he went nibble-nibble.

My mom told me this would happen. “If you feed the dog raw meat, how will he know the difference between raw meat and… well… you?”
And I said “If I wake up in the middle of the night and he’s eating my feet, I guess we’ll know it’s a problem.”
He didn’t even wait until I went to sleep! He just plain decided to try eating my foot.

Weird dog.

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