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Black & White Photos… or Photo 101 Deja Vu

These were shot while working on the black & white theme for the 52 Week Project, and most of them weren’t really spectacular or interesting enough to even be in the running for the winning shot, but some came out cute so I thought I’d share…

Chew chew chew leg

I really wanted something cute with that soccer ball involved, but he just wasn’t having it.

I believe this is Auggie’s turtle impression?

More chew legs.

If the focus on this one had been better it might have been in the running for my pick for the week, LOL.

Tired little boy. Agility practice makes for a tired dog, and that makes me happy, except when I’m trying to get some interesting photos and he’s trying to sleep on the job.

I almost wanted to use this one… I just set the camera down and clicked.

The shot I liked but with the focus reversed.

I was trying something new and got a few cute shots, but my light was on the other side of the blanket here so almost NONE of them came out properly focused. This is the only one that come out okay. I got some good shots that weren’t in focus, too. =P

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  1. >Auggie your pictures are really nice! I especially love the Old Spice rendition 😉 We got that orange 'Genius Treat Ball'for Charlie for Christmas and he LOVES it! It took a few days, I honestly thought it was a bust… but then all of a sudden he fell in love! Good luck next weekend!

    01/19/2011 at 1:11 AM

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