oh my auggie

Auggie’s waggy tail

Auggie has many tail wags. There’s the full-on crazy dog wag, the “HAHA I AM SOOOO HILARIOUS” wag, a tentative wag when he’s trying to suss out if another dog is game for playing or not, the “okay, let’s play!” wag, the “OMG HI I MISSED YOU YOU HAVE BEEN GONE FOREEEEVER” wag I get when I first get home, the “I know I’m cute, are you going to just stand there, or are you going to pet me?” wag for strangers, the “ahh yes, now you’re petting me” wag for strangers…

I think my favourite, though, is the smaller wag. Maybe you could call it the “contented” wag. It’s the wag I get when I reach down to pet him. It’s the wag I get when he looks up at me with his eyes all big, and his tail goes. It’s the wag I get if he’s across the room and I say his name. Just a little, not a lot. Sometimes it may only wag a few times. Sometimes it wags and wags and wags. It’s not big and crazy and fast, but back and forth and even a little slow, quiet-like, almost thoughtful.

Yeah… that’s my favourite wag.

I’d like to train him to wag his tail on command, but I bet it would end up being the CRAZY DOG wag instead of this wag.

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