oh my auggie

Something came to visit

Her name is Pepper.
Auggie loved her.
She thought Auggie was stupid… and she might be right.

Auggie’s like OOOOMG PLAY WITH MEEEEE and she’s like “ew no you’re weird.”

Auggie says “but but but…”

She’s so dark on her back, just like Kota. My mom was watching us play in the yard out the kitchen window, and I called Pepper and she ran across the yard to me and jumped up to give me kisses. My mom could only see Pepper from behind and when I came back in she was kind of choked up and said “For a minute there it looked like you and Kota.” Then she looks at Pepper and says “Kota didn’t want to play much with Auggie either.” Hahahaha… it’s true.

Auggie’s the biggest flirt in the world and normally ALL the bitches love him, but he is really stumped that Pepper doesn’t want to play. I think she will play with him tomorrow. Today she is just trying to get settled in here I think. She kind of has acted like she wants to play with him some but just isn’t sure. In Pepper’s defense the dog is in fact an idiot. He has run into the wall like four times in his zoomies.

Auggie is currently trying his hardest… tailwagging everywhere and she looks mildly interested… then he just barked and playbowed and she walked away. So he got a toy and she’s looking at it but won’t touch it. Poor poor Auggie.

Auggie says “this one is broken can I have another?”
I’m not kidding, he just tried to get her to play again, and when she wouldn’t he turned to me and barked in my face.

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