oh my auggie

Why Auggie Doesn’t Sleep In My Room

It was storming last night so I figured I’d put Auggie’s pillow in my room and have him sleep in there. He’s normally not bothered by storms but I figured if the thunder WAS bad and he DID bark, it’s easier to have him in my room than in the room next to me in his crate.

So he was pretty good for most of the night actually. He didn’t even ask to get up on the bed; he was happy to just lay on his pillow and sleep.

Until about 6 in the morning, when I rolled over, which was apparently his cue to be a pain. Because all of a sudden, HEEEEEERE’S AUGGIE! Front paws up on the bed, staring at me with that big idiotic grin, going “OH HAI MOM!” fffffff
So I pointed at his pillow and was like “lay down. go to bed.”
Which apparently meant he needed to do a happy play dance at my hand. No no Auggie. That’s not what I mean at all. And it doesn’t mean grab the tennis ball and try to throw that at me either. No. No. Lay DOWN. Go to SLEEP. No no I don’t want to see the play dance again. STOP IT GO BACK TO SLEEP.

Ugh. At least today is the day I don’t go in to work until late, so I had plenty of time to ATTEMPT to fall back asleep.

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