oh my auggie

Rally-O/Auggie’s Birthday Part 1

This is me at Rally-O:
“A DOWN?? Nobody told me he had to do a DOWN!!”

I don’t know WHY it never occured to me he would have to do a down. We hadn’t been working on that, and certainly not working on it with him at my side (usually he does his sits and downs in front of me, not next to me in heel.)

Our score was 90, time was 2:16 because we spent probably 20 seconds trying to go from a sit to a down – hahahahahaha! Oh God it was hilarious. And also, there were times when Auggie barked in my face. Rally-O was a LOT different to him than agility. He got out there and thought it was time to go… and then it wasn’t. I think he was kind of confused. “Hey Mom… aren’t I supposed to, like, go over some jumps and run through a tunnel or something?”
But when we crossed the finish line you’d have thought we just won the Olympics or something. I made a HUGE deal out of it and Auggie got super excited. That was the whole point, really: go out there and have some fun, work together, no pressure, and act like he’d just done the best thing ever.

We went out afterwards for the qualifying ribbon presentation, and I thought we’d be getting a Q ribbon – and suddenly he was calling my number for fourth place. “Wait… what? OH!! That’s US!” I told Auggie. The judge was really nice, shook my hand, and then we got our ribbons, a rope bone, and a cookie treat. Auggie tried to eat the ribbons out of my hand, haha. He then got a HUGE chomp off his cookie treat, we packed up, and took off. Crate space was very limited so I thought we’d go home and give some other people some room.

Not bad for a bratty little birthday puppy.

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