oh my auggie

Knuckle Bone For The Knuckle Head

After a lot of consideration and recommendations from other people, I decided it would be a fun treat for Auggie to get him a knuckle bone. He has some tartar built up on his teeth that I cannot get at to scrape off (his top tooth closes over the bottom tooth RIGHT where I need to scrape) and I want to do whatever I can to avoid having him need a tooth cleaning at any point in his life.

So I requested the butcher at the grocery save me a knuckle bone, and I went to pick it up yesterday.

The bone is BIGGER than Auggie’s head – but why should that stop him?

Fancy Auggie gets his raw meat on a plate. (I couldn’t think of a good reason to take it off the styrofoam from the butcher before he started chewing it.)

Auggie says “What do I do with this? Do I… lick it?”

“Ohhhh, I do THIS!!”

“This is delicious!”

“Ommm nom nom nom nom”

“Now I nom on this side of my mouth!” (That’s right, buddy, get those teeth clean on BOTH sides.)

“Sinew is a delectable treat.”

It’s gotten nice and filthy by this point…

Dirt is just like sprinkles!

I gave it to him for about fifteen minutes, then washed all the dirt off it, chucked it into a plastic bag, and stuck it into the freezer. He’ll get it again tonight, and hopefully after a few days he’ll be able to start really getting to work and getting his teeth nice and clean!

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