oh my auggie

Fry Monster

Last month, after Auggie got his NAJ, I went to Long John Silver’s and got something to eat… and, because he had such a big weekend, I did what I NEVER do…
and gave him some of my food.

He got french fries… they’re little and skinny and not too terribly salty, so I gave him a small handful. It was a VERY BIG DEAL because, like I said, I never ever ever give him people food. But he just got his very first agility title! We were celebrating!

Well, I took him out just a bit ago to go buy some more dog food, and on the way home I decided to pick up lunch. Oh, heck, why not Long John Silver’s, that sounds good…


Hint: if you decide to give your dog an occasional treat, make sure you don’t do it along with something that smells distinct, like FRIED FISH.

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