oh my auggie

A visit from Cousin Dogs

My sister decided that her family was good for using when you’re going out of town and dropped her two dogs off here with us.

Auggie went NUTS when they showed up… instant zoomies. Zoomies that pretty much didn’t wear off until long after they left today.

Kota is the old man on the left; Happy is on the right. Technically, he’ll be 8 in January, so I guess they’re both old men… but it’s hard to think of Happy as anything as a puppy.

Auggie, sniffing around with Happy. Happy didn’t want to play too much, and also both Kota and Happy have gotten FAT since they moved out, but they got to play a little bit. Mostly they just did this together.

If you asked Auggie what he wants to be when he grows up, he’d say “Kota.” Kota is his hero. He loves him and loves to follow him everywhere.

More sniffing around… last week it got below freezing twice, so we opened the back of the yard up at last. So there was plenty of rabbit poop to “clean up.” Gag.

More Auggie with his hero Kota. Kota looks a bit pissed here – the sun was in his eyes.

I just think Kota is the handsomest old man in the world. He was really lovey and clingy this weekend, and I did get him to play with me last night, so he was in a good mood.

He was in such a good mood, actually, that he didn’t want to leave when my sister came to pick him up… he refused to get off the porch. Then, when she finally lured him out to the car, he refused to get in the car…

Happy, looking mildly photogenic after a good brushing from me once they got here.

A good one of Happy. He’s so clearly going gray in the face, especially over his eyes… but he’s still a little puppyhead.

And finally, I thought this was hilarious. My sister claims her dogs don’t like crates, but for the last several months they lived with us, we crated them when we were gone for various reasons. So they came this weekend, and I got the crates out… and they both leapt right in them. This happened first when I was tucking everybody in to bed last night, and then again before I ran out for lunch today… Happy and Kota tried to share the same crate! Don’t worry, I didn’t leave them in together…

Now they’re gone, and Auggie is sad… and tired from his non-stop zoomies…

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