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I am a chick who calls the Midwest my home, born and raised in Illinois. My friends all tell me I’m “very Midwestern,” and I didn’t really know what that meant, so I Googled it like you do when you want to know the answer to anything. I found a t-shirt that reads “good, solid, corn-fed, fun-loving, up-for-anything, all-American Midwestern girl,” and if that’s what it means to be very Midwestern, I totally am.

I work at my “real job” doing web and graphic design, spend nights teaching dog training classes, and also do graphic design and illustration work in my free time. I have lots of hobbies and interests in a variety of artistic things and also have a passion for health, diet, and fitness. In 2010 I started running and did my first 5K, and from there decided half-marathons was the next greatest idea. I plan to run a full marathon in 2015. I also love to lift weights, perhaps especially because it surprises people that a thin girl is simultaneously a powerhouse.

Auggie is the first dog that has ever been totally, 100% mine and the first dog I’ve ever done any kind of competition with. He’s taught me a lot of things over the years we’ve been together. I never imagined when I decided I wanted my own little sheltie how much was life was about to change. Agility, competitive obedience, herding sheep, training silly dog tricks, nose games and tracking – none of this was on my mind. All I knew was that my life was empty without a dog, and I needed to bring one home. I got a real handful when I picked out little Auggie and an introduction to a whole different world of dog ownership – and I’m glad to have Auggie with me on my journey.
Pepper arrived next but bounced between her co-owner’s house and mine for a while before permanently moving in with me. She was intended to be my next sports dog, but has a passion for cuddling more than running fast and jumping. Although she is almost the exact opposite of Auggie, and I vastly prefer boys to bitches, it is clear to everyone who sees us together that I am her girl, and she is mine.
Payton is the most recent addition and has turned out to be just as much of a bratface as Auggie, and is shaping up to be a wonderful sports dog. The story of how Payton came to me took lots of twists and turns as he was not the dog I was originally planning on adding to my family, but after Payton arrived, I knew that fate had done it’s job and delivered to me exactly the puppy I was supposed to have. Payton is a half-sibling to Pepper.

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