oh my auggie

Kaner and the Puppybed

Baby Kaner actually got into his puppy bed to take a nap, and it was super adorable, but every time I moved to try and get a photo, Payton would jump up like ARE WE DOING SOMETHING FUN and that would cause Kane to get up, too, and ruin my photo.
So instead I decided to shape Kaner to go across the room, get in the bed, lay down, and be cute so I could take my photos.
Basically all of my dog training just has to do with getting cute photos.

First I made sure my settings were okay given how dark the office was (it was yet another gloomy, cold winter day.)

Then baby got rewarded for being in the bed, and as all the treats landed low, it was simpler to lay down so he was closer to them for eating.

In order to actually make it a training session instead of just a photo shoot, I would occasionally chuck a treat outside of the bed so he would have to get up and leave, then make the decision to get back in the bed where more treats would appear.

He’s pretty cute, guys.

Okay he’s REALLY cute, guys.

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