oh my auggie

Payton coming home pics

Last weekend Auggie’s breeder’s husband was playing with her phone looking at all the photos and videos, and he came across a photo of a puppy and went “Who’s that?!” and I was like “AHHHH THAT’S PAYTON!” At the time, she sent me one of these but not all of them… so I sent the rest to my phone LOL.

So here’s photos of Baby Payton right after we picked him up.

“Hello new baby.”

Waiting in traffic – you could see the people in the car next to us so I erased them. X3 Not quite as sweet as the first “real” photo of Auggie and I hahaha. I think I’m kind of in shock at myself still. Like “Did I really just go buy a puppy?!”

He was actually a squirmy wormy and did NOT want to sit still on the ride home. He was climbing all over me as soon as we were actually driving. This was him faking it. “Ohhhh I’m a sweet, cuddly boy! Yes indeed!”

Almost home and he finally fell asleep… sweet little baby boy! Faker LOL.

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