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Weirdos Sleep Funny

My dogs are weird.

First of all, you have this puppy with a bedtime.
One night he actually stayed up past his bedtime and it was pretty earth shattering.

Like he was tired but also he wanted to play maybe?

“I know I should go to sleep and I kinda want to but also I want some belly rubs.”

Happy little guy up past his bedtime!

And then sometimes this happens…

For some reason Rizzo is totally cool with Kane sitting on his head.

Also, there’s this.

Like I feel like this is how drunk people sleep when they’re afraid they might vomit.

This may have been past his bedtime and it was just too bright in the living room so he needed to bury his head under a pillow…

Or maybe just curl up on top of the arm entirely…

Yeah, that’s obviously what the arms of sofas was intended for.

Also sometimes he does this thing where I’m working and he rolls over and rests his head against my shoulder. Possibly because he loves his mommy.

I love him too so I guess it works.