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Kane might be jealous…

I decided I wanted to take a cute selfie with Rizzo…

Buuuuut I think Kane might be jealous.

“You used to take cute selfies with me, mom.
With me.”

Family Photos – Rizzo at 21 Weeks

More time to play outside! Today I wanted to get a family photo like we did with Auggie and little Kane, so I let everybody run around and get their crazies out first.

Aaaaand more ganging up on Kaner.

Pretty Payton!

Rizzo sitting on the steps… kinda. Sorta. Like somebody I used to know, Happy.

Family… photo. Ha!

There we go, that’s better!

Looking like real, actual dogs who know how to sit and stay…

Happy baby Rizzo!

Winter Romp in Coats

Another light dusting of snow, but this time it brought bitter cold with it. It is January, after all. Poor naked Rizzo needed a winter coat, so my sister came to the rescue again with some cheap coats she found at Target.

Kaner got a nice black Hurtta on clearance for Christmas.

Perfect for running and playing in!

Payton joins in the game – frequently the game is Brown Dogs Chase The Tiny Black Dog.

P has his beautiful blue Hurtta I found at TJMaxx a couple years back. I like it so much I ordered Kane’s online. It’s a shame they don’t make this style anymore.

More brown dogs chasing the little black one.

Rizzo’s coat doesn’t quite fit and it’s not nearly as warm as the Hurtta, but for a growing puppy, it works totally fine!

Pretty Payton.

Rizzo studying his point of attack…

And little Kaner.

Rizzo beating up poor little Kaner, haha!

More chasing and proinking through the snow!

And more ganging up on Kaner. At least Payton and Rizzo are bonding.

Rizzo Blankie

Rizzo has a bedtime.
It is 9PM. Every night, if it is 9PM and he is not taken to bed, he finds himself a spot and goes to sleep. Fast, fast asleep. He does not like to be woken up past his bedtime.

One night he found himself a spot on the couch while I was still up working, and I went ahead and tucked him in with his blankie behind me.

Yes, this is bedtime. Goodnight.

Nope, not to be woken up.

He even pulled his foot in under his blankie, because it was too cold when it was poking out.

Goodnight Rizzo.