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Happy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2016

If it seems like time has just flown by since Rizzo joined the family, it’s because it has. Just one week later and it’s already Christmas!

Big P sits in front of the tree for annual Christmas photos first.

Also he wants a cookie so he tries offering a head-down, as usual.

KK next!

He does a down, not because he’s offering it, but because I asked and he said okay. That’s cool too.

Next, something with the baby. Who doesn’t really know sit or down yet and has no idea about stay. Can you tell? Oh well…

A family shot! Rizzo lay down so I cued the others to down as well. Only one of them did what I asked this time before the baby stood back up…

And we got something that appears like a family photo in front of the tree! Hey, I’ll take it. That’s my family, guys.

This time I got all three down, except now Payton is definitely trying to offer head-down again. Oh Payton!

And then it is Christmas morning, and while the breakfast casserole is in the oven, we open stockings.

Payton first – without the enthusiastic cramming his head into the stocking.

THERE IS A SHEEP. Also a bag of cookies (Zukes Christmas Trees!)

Posing with his new sheep toy.

Kane is next and he looks like he has no idea what he’s supposed to do with that stocking.

Trying to tempt him by revealing cookies… Not pictured is his FLATTIE REINDEER from the stocking (although it appears in the background of other photos later.) He immediately grabbed the toy and ran off playing with it. Okay then…

Rizzo goes next!

Cookies! Yay!

Also this snow monster guy.

Now it is time for PRESENTS.

These are Payton’s presents. A nice blue gator, a brand new holee roller after we finally tore the old one to pieces, and a couple bags of cookies.

Kaner next! (With his flattie reindeer in the background.)

Kaner presents! Treats, a brand new baby rhino with a bottle inside, and a Blackhawks-colored version of his beloved donut toy.

Rizzo also gets presents and he’s really excited about that.

Another snow monster!!

Also, a platypus with egg babies and some cookies as well.

This is my baby dog and these are his Christmas presents.

And then there was much romping with new toys and nobody played with their own toys because everybody else had one that was way better.

Happy Christmas!