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Rizzo Road Trip

December 17th dawned with a thin sheet of ice covering everything outside and a winter storm warning for the next day or so.

Sounds like a perfect day for a road trip.

My car is in need of some work to make it long haul road trip ready, and I haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement to buy yet… but no worries! My sister has a lovely new hybrid, and road trips sound like fun!

Driving south, at first we were playing a game of spotting the cars in the ditch. But then it started to clear up a tiny bit after we got about an hour south.

It was about 70 degrees and quite lovely by the time we rolled out of Kentucky.

I think we’re supposed to #MadeInTN here.

We’ve retrieved our item! It’s now dark and we stopped to eat some dinner before turning around and driving back.
Once in Kentucky the rain returned, and as we came further north, the winter weather started to make a return. Thankfully, having been raised in Illinois, we both were comfortable and confident in slowing down just a bit and taking it easy and returned home safe.

With our brand new puppy, who has no idea what he thinks of this white stuff.

Rizzo was born in Florida and after I put out the feelers to try and find another dog to bring our household back to three, his breeder and I connected. Turns out she owns Kaner’s sister! The sheltie world is a small one.
This little guy is fun and rambunctious and was shaping up to be a great little sport dog, so after considering flights, we decided instead of meet halfway and make the exchange.

Once we got home, he was nice and cranky, and wanted nothing to do with his new brothers. I tucked him safely into his puppy crate and we all went to sleep for a good night’s rest.

Happily, the following morning he was much happier and excited to meet his new family.

Our first new family photo!

Also, he sleeps like a dream. I don’t remember what it’s like to have a puppy who willingly takes naps outside of his crate without having to be super tired first…

Bonus: he is super cute.

We explored the new cold white world a little bit.

I think he likes me.
I think I like him too.