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Christmas Professional Photos 2016

It’s time again! Our annual professional Christmas photos. As usual, there’s quite a few. And continuing our new tradition, I got props for mine.

Festive headbands?! I think so.

Kandy Kaner thinks this is GREAT.

Payton doesn’t want you to know he also thinks it is great.

Yes. One of my best ideas yet.

Okay okay, let’s get real now. Just some handsome boy dogs.

This is a Payton who is super handsome and super good. Even if he is drooling because he smells girls.

And Kane… well, Kane is Kane and he wants everybody to know that.

My boys!

Oh look at how cute this Kaner is in a photo with me. What a good boy!

And this may or may not be a good representation of my entire relationship with Payton.

(I still love him lots though.)

Payton refuses to look at the camera now. Fine. Jerk.

Georgie next!

Like the beautiful little pro she is.

And then we brought out Stormie and… well.

But hey, we managed a good one anyway!

And then we put the baby in the sleigh because why wouldn’t you?!

Because it’s ADORABLE right?

Okay, so maybe I believe she is a tiny bit trouble.

My mom didn’t want a photo of her with the girls so I took one with the tiny baby Stormie!


Just kidding just kidding. We can reign this in.

And one with me and G.

Love my little girly!

And that’s the team for this year… or at least… for right now.