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2016 Christmas Tree Time

The tree went up on Thanksgiving morning like it always does. I only cried once – I carefully opened wrappings to discover the pawprint ornaments I made last year were tucked inside. It took me by surprise; I had sort of forgotten I even made them. If I had been prepared, I probably would have been okay, but the surprise made my heart twist and the tears flow.

Once it was all set up, Kane took up a little nap spot in the spot where Auggie used to love to lay. Right under the tree.

Of course, later he would try and figure out how he could get into trouble with the tree…

I’m just looking… “looking.”

This year I also finally set up my “Dog Tree” in the library. A tree just for all my dog and sheep ornaments!

Next year, I’m replacing one of these trees with a pre-lit tree. Ain’t nobody got time to string lights on TWO trees…