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Happy 1st Birthday, Kane!

Well, he made it – Kane turned a full year old!
I decided to go ahead and enter an agility trial over his birthday. This would have also marked one year since Auggie was diagnosed with CHF (and I was told “maybe a year…”) so it was going to be a bit of a difficult day. I could have stayed home and cried and felt sorry for myself and missed my dog, OR I could go and do agility and make it a big Kaner party.
I chose the latter.

First, I found some great 1 year old party supplies at Party City (50% off!) so I bought those to decorate the crate.
Then, I ordered a cake, some cupcakes, and a Blackhawks hockey puck to put on top of the cake.

And we partied.

All the goodies!

Another shot of the decorations set up on the crate.

Yellow cupcakes with red frosting, and chocolate cupcakes with white frosting. Both got red and white sprinkles. I picked whipped topping instead of buttercream, because it’s ridiculously good.

Mmmmmmmm. Somebody brought some kind of fancy gourmet cupcakes to the trial, also, but mine were gone first. Because delicious.

The cake! They did an awesome job. I asked for red lettering and they did it with a black base to match the icing job on the cake and it really popped. Super super happy with it. It was a white cake with, again, whipped topping (because the dogs really care what their frosting tastes like.)

Baby dog!!

Looking super cute with his birthday hat on. He got a SPECIAL “Look Who’s 1” birthday hat.

Posing with his cake… trying to figure out how he could just eat the whole thing.

Mmmm slice of cake.

He’s a pretty good cake-eater.

Payton next! Even though Payton was being horrible at the trial, he still was allowed to eat cake. Notice how his hat is not the special hat; these are the regular hats for the non-birthday boy.


Yes cake.

Georgie has no time for your shenanigans, make with the cake immediately.

Yep that’s what I wanted.

Georgie got red icing all over her muzzle. I have no possible idea how.

Happy birthday my baby boy. I’m so glad you’re here with us.