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Pumpkins and Halloween Costumes

Halloween was a bit tricky this year. For so long I had planned costumes with Auggie involved. Even though I knew there was a possibility Auggie wouldn’t be with us at Halloween, I was still sort of thinking about a group costume with Auggie. When it arrived, I just didn’t feel like really planning anything.
Thankfully, PetSmart came to the rescue…

But first! Hay bales and pumpkins!

Two bros on hay bales.

Payton, somehow covered in all kinds of stuff.

I mean he’s still cute though.

And this cute Kaner!

Georgie came over to play along too. Stormie also, but Stormie wouldn’t sit and take any cute photos…

If you’re wondering why Georgie looks so annoyed, it’s probably because, like baby brothers, baby sisters ruin everything.

Now costume time!

These went mega clearance before Halloween. Like $3. And they are stupid cute for as simple as they are.

They do need some slight modification though – they don’t really stay on well, which meant a lot of running around every twenty seconds adjusting costumes. And Payton being told “don’t move” once his was on and then he refused to actually get on the hay bale, because I said “don’t move.”

Kane had to sit on the hay bale first, get dressed, and then stay.

But, I mean. He’s already a monster anyway, even without the costume.