oh my auggie

Georgie Turns FIVE

Our little miss Georgie turned FIVE this year! At last minute, my mom and I went to Party City to pick out some party goods for her. I located the sparkley tiny cowboy hats… for 99 cents… and couldn’t really pass that up.
Also this awesome sequined bow.

Yes. Yes this is good.

Although I’m not positive Georgie agrees.

Payton got a lovely black sparkley cowboy hat (because they were out of the blue.)

And Kane got a silver one to set off his Tiny Black Dog-ness.


Also, this happened… yep. Payton knows some kind of secret.

This is the face of a dog who is ready for her birthday cupcakes.

Ohhhhh yaaaaaas.

A very good wait, even on her birthday.

The carnage happened after this. The photos are all blurry and there are cake crumbs everywhere. It’s terrible.

Then Payton got his cuppycake.

He is really rather good at the cake eating.

…sort of.

This one is still learning about cake. We gave him his on a plate because we weren’t positive he was going to know what to do, exactly. (He’s only done the birthday thing once so far!)

A good wait for a little baby dog! (Also, behold the adorable monkey plates.)

Aaaaaand he knows how to eat cupcakes.

Happy birthday my little Georgie, my good girl!

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