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31 Week Family Photo

Well, at 31 weeks, this is much more like a regular family photo, right? Nobody is smiling and nobody wants to get that close and Payton won’t even LOOK at Kaner today.

30 Week Family Photo

30 weeks! The best part is they all look like they like each other here. Sitting so nice and close and everybody smiling.
Not at all like real families, right?

Fetching Tags for Kane and Payton

Kaner is old enough to have his very own Fetching Tag now – and while I was at it, I grabbed a second one for Payton. Payton has rocked the Kid Flash for a long time, but just like the time came for Wally West to take up the mantle of The Flash, it was time for Kid Flash to stop being the sidekick.

Kaner first! I hope I’m not asking for trouble with that nickname of Hurrikane and all that…


Next up, Payton’s new tag, inspired by one of the great quotes by Walter Payton. It really fits with all the training struggles we’ve had, too.
It’s okay to lose, to die, but don’t die without trying – without giving it your best.

29 Week Family Photo

At 29 weeks, Kaner looks even bigger than he did in last week’s photo. Auggie’s IV shave spots have filled in almost completely and his feathering is slowly slowly sloooowly starting to grow back.

I looked at baby dog photos of Auggie and P, and Kane is definitely naked looking compared to Payton; of course, Payton was basically SuperFluff and will likely forever make all of my other dogs look naked. Kane looks closer to how Auggie looked at this age. We’re gonna need those hormones to kick in and make some gorgeous coat if this little guy is supposed to go in the show ring!

28 Week Family Photo

28 weeks. Kaner is officially “huge.” Look how little Auggie looks next to him! My tiny black dog is now just Black Dog.