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Pool Day (26 Weeks)

Yeah pool day!!

To start with, we took our 26 week family photo. Kaner turned a full 6 months on May 19th, which is also a full 6 months since Auggie was diagnosed with CHF.

We made it a full six months, everybody is happy, everybody is healthy, everybody is still alive.

So we got out the pool to celebrate.

Heat and humidity can be hard on a dog with CHF. The rule is Auggie can only stay out when it’s hot if he keeps himself cool in the pool.
So far he’s totally okay with this rule.


Payton loves his pool.

Even the baby wants to play in the pool.

Family photo in the pool.

Hi I’m a cute puppy in the pool!!

Payton also really loves towel time. Like a lot. Like maybe more than playing in the pool itself.

Being dried off is the bestest.


Oh my Auggie.

Auggie had a fantastic day. Pools are actually pretty great. Yeah.