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My Little Family

I’m really really blessed that Auggie is still around. I wanted to take the family photos of all three of my dogs together every week so I would never run out of opportunities to have seen how the baby was growing alongside my best dog, who likely won’t be around to teach him how to be awesome like he did Payton. But I also wanted to get a photo of all three of my dogs with me. The problem is it’s next to impossible to get anybody over here to take a photo.

The good news is I own a remote shutter release.

The other good news is, I’m a bloody genius about how to make this work.

All three of my very good boys.

27 Week Family Photo

27 weeks! Just over 6 months now.

We are having a happy day for all three dogs!


I also took a few photos to send to Kaner’s breeder to let her see how he’s growing…

and how those ears are doing!

He’s super leggy right now but looks great. I’ve also noticed he’s starting to muscle out along the chest and his back. Baby puppy is growing up for sure.

Pool Day (26 Weeks)

Yeah pool day!!

To start with, we took our 26 week family photo. Kaner turned a full 6 months on May 19th, which is also a full 6 months since Auggie was diagnosed with CHF.

We made it a full six months, everybody is happy, everybody is healthy, everybody is still alive.

So we got out the pool to celebrate.

Heat and humidity can be hard on a dog with CHF. The rule is Auggie can only stay out when it’s hot if he keeps himself cool in the pool.
So far he’s totally okay with this rule.


Payton loves his pool.

Even the baby wants to play in the pool.

Family photo in the pool.

Hi I’m a cute puppy in the pool!!

Payton also really loves towel time. Like a lot. Like maybe more than playing in the pool itself.

Being dried off is the bestest.


Oh my Auggie.

Auggie had a fantastic day. Pools are actually pretty great. Yeah.

Payton’s Fifth Birthday

FIVE is a pretty big birthday, I think. Especially with Auggie being 10 and P rolling to 5, it makes my OCD happy.

Happy FIFTH birthday to my most wonderful Payton. Our sports story has not gone as I had dreamed, but he is my very good dog. Despite the tears, the battles, the long list of struggles, and the many chomp wounds, I love him very much and am glad he is here with me. Happiest of birthdays yet and all the belly rubs to my middle child.

Shoutout to the woman at Meijer who wrote on my cake and didn’t ask me if Payton was my son.

I actually drove all over town trying to find a proper Payton-esque cake…

Perfect Auggie in perfect birthday hats.



Not sure what Payton is doing here but this was literally the best we got. This might as well be the 25 week family photo, by the way.


Make with the birthday, lady.


Hi in case you haven’t met me I’m Auggie and I’m the best.

Do I HAVE to wait??


Listen, I know I’m supposed to wait, but let’s be honest, my heart disease. If I wait I might not live to eat this cake.

So I’m not waiting. (Yeah okay that’s fine.)

Meanwhile Payton.

What a good puppy!! Then I wanted to fix his hat and he moved back some to make it easier NOT to steal cake.

Are you for real? Is this actually a thing that is happening in my life??

Okay yay this is a thing and I want it!

Auggie demolished his cake in about half the time Payton was taking with his. Which makes sense as he’s had about twice as much cake eating practice.

Meanwhile the baby is trying to figure out how to actually eat this.

Whoops! He dropped it.

Payton be like IT’S MY BIRTHDAY AND YOU DROPPED YOUR CAKE SO THIS OTHER HALF IS MINE (Auggie in the corner ahahahaha)

Yup that was some birthday.

This is what I look like after I eat cake, too.

Birthday is the best.


24 Week Family Photos

At a certain point I will probably have to stop calling Kaner “tiny black dog.” He’s looking rather un-tiny lately, especially when he’s next to Auggie.