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St. Patrick’s Day 2016

I was going to be out of town on St. Patrick’s Day, so I decided to take some festive photos just a few days ahead of time. Before I even picked up Kaner, I found this green bow headband at the dollar store and bought it to use for photos. But I only had one, and I had three dogs – for the family photos, I thought, I needed two more props.

Return of the hats.

First of all, this is basically an accurate representation of our lives right now.

And then Auggie screamed when I put the bow on him. (Just kidding, he’s yawning because this is booooring.)

Then he gave me a look of disdain because I brought home a puppy.

A grudging decent face. It’s a handsome one.

I’ve got no clue if Payton is giving me a grumpy side-eye here or if he’s hoping I’ll use this as his singles ad to help him pick up bitches.

Oh, but he’s so happy!

Much much better.

Oh, hello Giraffe Neck puppy stage. I did not miss you. You make for really awkward looking photos.

Also these photos were basically all snapped as fast as possible between Kaner trying to eat the bowtie around his neck.

But it tastes like sparkles!!

Then we got the hats out and Auggie gave me a Michael Jackson impression.

Payton was like “herp derp gone fishin'”

Also, it was really windy, so this was an even bigger joke.

GOODBYE HATS. Also Kaner’s ears are trying to blow away. Good thing they’re glued onto his head.

Okay, okay, so maybe we won’t get a cute family photo with the props on. This will have to do.

16 weeks old and rockin’ his sit stays now.