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Valentine’s Day Snow

Valentine’s Day dawned with a threat of a big snowstorm. I left the house early to grocery shop before we got hit and almost bit it in the parking lot leaving the store. The roads got slick and dangerous quickly so I retreated back home to settle in.

We spent most of the day inside, working on how to be a nice, calm puppy and how to actually take a nap outside of your crate. These are things I never taught Payton and things I think he would have benefited from learning then rather than having to teach him at four years old how to settle outside of your crate… so I’m making a point of teaching Kaner now.

We did get a bit of outside playtime done. The snow ended up pretty unimpressive, but it was too cold for me to be able to stand it, so we didn’t stay out very long.

Payton likes it though, it turns him into a coyote or something.

Cute baby prancing through the snow.

Napping in a bed! It’s like a miracle.

I also pulled out the new backdrop I built and set it up to take our family photo. This was interesting as Kaner is still learning what “sit” means, nevermind “stay.” I used my 50mm lense to help get a good shot in the dark house, but this mean I was stuck having to be a certain distance away. So basically, set up the dogs, wrangle the puppy into the center, ask for a sit… wait until he figures out what I want… pop him a treat, then try to scoot back into position quickly but not TOO quickly or the baby is going to get up and follow you.
It was not an easy task, but we managed something that counts.

Nomming a cookie. Literally I shoved cookies in his mouth then started shooting and hoped for the best, ha!

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