oh my auggie

Christmas 2015

Happy Christmas! Modern medicine is a Christmas miracle which left Auggie feeling back to normal the next morning. I put breakfast casserole in the oven and then we opened presents and stockings.

Auggie demands this box open immediately. Yeah, he feels fine now.

Ah, it’s open! Now, what’s inside?

THE FLASH is inside!! After a decade of my dog being The Flash, finally the dog toy makers at PetSmart have gotten it together and made us a toy of The Flash. Auggie is really happy about this.

But there’s more!

This cute abdominal snowman toy came from Petco. Auggie and I made a special trip together on Black Friday to the nearest Petco and he selected this toy for himself. It’s super cute and while it’s smaller than the toys I usually buy, it’s actually a great size!

Auggie also got a squeaky piece of coal that says “A L’il Naughty” on it, and a bag of Zuke’s Christmas treats.

Next Payton is a Christmas over-achiever and stood on his box.

Oh we OPEN the box. Oh.

This is the toy Auggie selected at Petco for his brother. I call it Manly Unicorn. Because it’s a unicorn, but the red plaid makes it rather manly.

Payton also got a new West Paw Design toy, but he looks sad here because first he got out his own squeaky lump of coal and feels bad because he is naughty and he knows it.

Next, stockings! I know, usually it’s stockings first and gifts second, but in our house we usually open presents on Christmas Eve and then stockings on Christmas Day – but since Auggie wasn’t feeling so great the previous night, we did gifts first, stockings second.

Bocce’s Peppermint Bark treats! I wanted to try these last year but couldn’t find any, so when I found them out and about on Black Friday, I snagged a bag.

Payton still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of how to cram his entire face in his stocking like Auggie has.

Aaaand Payton gets a bag of coal treats in his stocking.

Poor Payton! He is so naughty while Auggie is so very good.

After enjoying our breakfast casserole, we packed everything up in the car and went back home. I did not go to Christmas dinner with my family since I wanted to keep a close eye on Auggie again, so we all stayed home and watched movies. First we watched Love Actually, then Elf, then Miracle on 34th Street – and finally, because it was on TV, we finished our night of movies with Legally Blonde. Christmas dinner was a Mexican chicken and rice casserole, which in my opinion is highly festive.

Happy, happy Christmas to all!

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