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Secret Santa 2015

We played in the Secret Santa swap this year! Imagine my surprise when the UPS man arrived at my door (delightfully going “ho ho ho!”) with a big box from Chewy. I was confused because I didn’t order anything from Chewy, so I opened the box – and discovered it was our Secret Santa gift!

I closed it up and put it back on the floor and Auggie thought this meant he should stand on it.

No? How about sit on it?

Payton just wants the box open so he can get at what’s inside.

Oh, okay, yeah it’s cool to open the box too.

Payton got these delicious cheese cookies made by Fromm!

And Auggie got a box of peanut butter Buddy Biscuits – his favourite!

Auggie also got a nice new shark toy, and it’s a tough toy so it will withstand any thievery by little brothers, too.

(And it will withstand an Auggie.)

Payton got this long unstuffed gator toy, perfect for tugging.

Auggie also received a Planet Dog basketball with a treat spot so we can stuff those Buddy Biscuits inside.

And Payton got the football!

Posing with all their goodies! The box also contained two bully sticks, but I removed those before we opened them to avoid any angry scuffles where Auggie might try to take both bully sticks and Payton might not find that very fair.

Thank you Secret Santa!