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Happy Fall 2015

Ah, fall. Time for cold weather and lots of leaves littering my yard and hours and hours spent mulching and bagging leaves to be hauled away.
And for photos of my dogs looking stunning.

Auggie, the posing pro.

He might be an old man now, but hes still super handsome.

The most wonderful old man dog.


Now serious brothers.

Payton lays down and I asked Auggie to lay down and he said “mmmmmnope.”

He then came to get a cookie from me. Well okay.

Meanwhile, Payton poses.

I will never stop asking for a head down to get cute pictures now that he can do this.

Because its sooooo cute.

A nice sit.

So many years ago when Payton was a baby, I had this cute photo I set up and took. I tried to set it up again and… this happened.

Just kidding, just kidding, we got it.

Big handsome dogs.

Then Payton ran around bark-screaming while I threw leaves at him and then he flopped down and rolled in the leaf pile and I covered him up and he was super adorable.

SUPER adorable.