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Georgie’s 4th Birthday!

Payton made it to four and so, too, did Miss Georgie. My mom got some cupcakes and brought them over so we could have a little party for her.

Georgie first. Oh Georgie. Always with the hat malfunctions.



Auggie next who is always so good.

Auggie nom!

Payton isn’t too bad either.


Apparently Georgie has “enough” toys already, so no presents for Georgie. What a rip off!


This post is difficult to write, to explain the changes that have happened in our lives.

The first is a good one. After almost three years, we have finally moved into our new home! The Sheltiechick house is not finished being under construction, but the major things have been done – I have a functioning kitchen, for example, a bathroom, and (the missing component for a while) a water heater! So we packed up and moved in and have loved our new space and having our massive agility backyard right outside our door.

The second is not nearly so good. After much deliberation and conversations with her co-owner, Pepper has gone back to live with her instead of with me. It was always my hope she would live with us forever, but that is not how everything shook out ultimately. I don’t know if she will ever come back to live with me, although she will always have a safe place here and will always have a place in my heart.

And so our lives change. The boys have adapted better than I hoped to being back to just the Bros again, so… here we are.