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A Very Sheltie Christmas 2014

We started at my house, in front of my tree.

My baseboard is actually not installed yet, I just set it there… hence the gap. Yeah…

Oh look Peppy is happy.

Perfect Auggie first.

I really need to teach my dogs how to smile on cue.

Perfection. Best Auggie.

Oh yay! Now he will smile.

Payton next and he looks SO unhappy.

No smiles…

but he’s pretty cute.


Then there’s Pepper, who also looks sad, but that’s normal for her.


Oh yay!! It’s Christmastime!

No, whomp again.

Family photo with just ooooone happy dog… perfect Auggie.

Then back to my parent’s house for a +1 family photo.

Happy Pepper again!

Payton knows a Christmas secret… WINK.

Peppy loves her brudder. Auggie is like “if I close my eyes and wish really hard, when I open them, I will be an only dog again…”

“…no… they’re still here.”

JK JK Auggie likes Pepper too. Mostly.

Everybody looks SO SERIOUS.

Miss Georgie. I tried to carefully position her so you cannot see the absolute hack job the vets did to her hair when she was spayed.

Crap you can totally see it here.

Also I wish I had done her feet before these photos… why it’s my responsibility to trim her nails and groom her feet, I do not know, but it is… sigh.

Auggie single!


Payton single.

Still no smiles…

but still pretty cute.

MORE CHRISTMAS OVER-ACHIEVER. Practicing for footstalls.

Saaaad Pepper single.

I wasn’t trying to be artsy here, I think I was just falling over. Unfortunately I was not drunk.

Then we opened presents. After clearing out under the tree, Auggie went to his favorite spot.

Best little Christmas dog…

Georgie got to open her present.

Auggie had one of these warthogs when he was younger and it was my dad’s favorite toy to use when they played, so I bought one for Georgie.

I also found this GoDog platypus so I bought her one, hopefully it will hold up to her destruction!

Warthog and platypus! She really didn’t care much for the platypus, the warthog had so many things to chew on.

Then Auggie opens his.

Kong Christmas squeaker balls!

Also this bag of treats is really great.

Pepper… um… well she was afraid of her stuffed toy so she wouldn’t open hers. Poor Drizzle.

Payton was confused. “I can smell the treats, but I can’t SEE the treats… what is this sorcery??”

“Oh there they are.”

Looking positively unexcited about his toy, but I swear he enjoys it. Yesterday he kept grabbing it and running around the room with it while wagging all over.

Then we went to bed until the next day, when we had…


Auggie cared about little else in the stocking except the bully stick.

A lame picture of Pepper getting in her stocking… she actually had gotten sick all over the living room on Christmas Eve so I was trying to NOT let her really get much of the bully stick, but I did want her to be able to snack a teensy bit on it… poor thing.

No bully stick for sick Peppy-drizzles. But she does get a platypus of her own and some dog treats.

Payton also cares about not much but that bully stick.

He got his very own green squishy ball so he can stop stealing Auggie’s.

Festive Driz!

Oh no, a bow on a Payton. Behold the bully stick face.

And Auggie has no such time for this foolishness because he has a bully stick under the tree, thank you very much. I think this must be Auggie’s ultimate happy place actually.

Sheltie Secret Santa 2014

This year my finances were back in order to be able to participate in a Secret Santa swap. We have such fun doing this every year, but this year my Secret Santa did an AMAZING job. Everything is perfect and spot on for all the dogs, which is especially a surprise with Pepper, who is not really much for toys or playing, but absolutely loves her gift-toy so much it really had me tearing up and about to cry with the joy she was displaying over this little crinkly Cuz toy.

ANYWAY, on to the pics!

Obviously boxes are for standing on, Payton says. (I seriously had to shoo him away so I could open the darn thing.)

The pile of goodies!

You must read the card first, it’s rude otherwise.

I was super excited about these treats because I had been wanting to try them but nobody in town had any!

Auggie thinks this must also be more food.

First to open presents is Auggie since he is the oldest. He basically ripped the paper just enough to expose the tennis balls, and then began trying to rip into the netting to get them out.


He will stop long enough to nom this second package which is most definitely also cookies.

Yummy yummy!


Pepper next. She’s not very good at opening presents, she thought this was it. “Oh this is mine? Okay.”

“Oh you mean there’s more to it?”

“I like it.” We stopped opening presents to play with this thing for about five minutes which Payton HATED because he hadn’t gotten to open his yet.

She likes her cookie treats too.

FINALLY it is Payton’s turn.

Auggie is totally willing to help though if you need it.

It’s a tuggy loofa dog!

Instant tugging.

Seriously Auggie wants in on this.

I couldn’t get Payton to put the toy down long enough to come back for his cookies, but it’s okay, Auggie’s got it.

Auggie models the cool sheltie t-shirt that is for me!

The big haul of doggy goodies.

And this cute puppy.