oh my auggie

First Snow of Winter 2014

One of my favorite things about my dogs is how snowflakes fall on their fur… so… yeah. And somehow Pepper became the star of this photo session. Normally she is hiding in the background or directly under my feet so I can’t get any good photos, but this time I managed more of her than the boys.

Just one of Pay to start…

Then my pretty girl showed up.

The poor photographer this weekend kept trying to get Pepper’s ears up and I was like “yeah, that’s just Pepper… it’s… that’s just Pepper.”

Ears up! But head down.

Head up, ears back down, haha. My girly.

Another nice one of P…

Meanwhile Auggie.

I mean Auggie.

Seriously he can kinda be a real jerk.

Okay ONE nice one of Auggie.

Back to the pretty Pepper.

I love her expression in this one, but the snowflakes aren’t in focus how I’d like.

Here the snowflakes are better but her expression is not as good. LOL. Oh well… they’re both rather nice.

I’m sure there will be plenty more snow pics to come. Ugh.

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