oh my auggie

Auggie is 9

Auggie turned 9 on Saturday.
I’m not sure how it happened.

I somehow forgot it was his birthday when I entered the puppies. Had I been thinking, I would have entered him too, just for fun to run on his birthday. But the trial was closed by the time I realized it was his birthday. No way was I leaving him behind though, so away he went with us to the trial. I didn’t want to have to worry about bringing a cake or cupcakes with us, so I stopped at the Wal-Mart near the trial site between runs and oh did I hit the jackpot.

This lovely cake was “best by” that day so it only cost a whopping $4.50. Um, yes please! And it had orange and blue balloons on it – Illini colors for my little Augustine. The lady behind the counter was happy to write on it for me and I was happy to NOT mention it was for my dog…

We had a party in the hotel room.

Oh it is the cake.

Everybody got their own little slices…

Must wait for cakies.

Auggie first since he is the birthday boy.

Payton was really unsure if he was actually allowed to get on the table and eat his cake or not. Which is funny because when we got to the hotel Friday night, the first thing he did was jump up on the table…

Finally I convinced him it was totally allowed.

Georgie, by the way, immediately grabbed her entire piece of cake and jumped onto the floor to try and swallow it whole.

Auggie’s hat never stays in place haha.

Georgie’s empty plate while she tried to eat the cake on the floor hahaha.

Birthday boy!

Then it was present time. I didn’t go all out or anything this year, we have tons and tons of toys anyway, but I decided to order this green squishy ball since I know a few dogs on this forum really love it. (Payton is getting one for Christmas too.)

Oh a squishy.

Squishy tastes like cake.

We then proceeded to play a game of “push the ball off the couch, make mom throw it back on the couch, push the ball of the couch again.”

Aaaand then Drizzy got some cake when we got home.


Behold the Payton sitting there like “I want more cake…” (They did actually get some more afterward.)

Happy birthday my Auggie. <3

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