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Dogs In Hats

So a few weeks ago I had free bucks to spend at Old Navy. My plan was to buy yet another sports bra, but I discovered they’ve CHANGED their sports bras. WHAT. What am I supposed to buy now??
So I found these hats back in the kid’s department.
So that’s what I bought.

I don’t know why but I’m pretty sure Payton needs to wear his bowtie with his hat.

Auggie’s fits SO GOOD. Payton’s is a little big for his head and kept falling off…

OMG I can’t. They’re like two little old men best friends or something…

Auggie’s is very fashionable.

And then there’s Payton.

Seriously, it’s like it was made for his head. HOW ELSE DO YOU EXPLAIN IT FITTING SO WELL??

Payton’s big fat head ruined this one of the perfect Auggie. Oh well. Still pretty good anyway.