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2013 Giftings and Stockings

Finally got around to going through all of these to throw out the blurry ones and edit the good ones. I realize it’s over a week late. OH WELL

We started with Georgie’s present from me.

I found this skirt at TJMaxx and thought it was too funny not to buy for her. Sorry Georgie!

I also bought a tug-a-jug for her since she doesn’t have one. Meanwhile Auggie is like “oh are we doing presents?”

When I was editing these I was like “What the heck is that??” I forgot what I gave her already. And it was just over a week ago. AND we were all playing with this toy last night…

It’s a banana and inside there are three little monkeys for her to dig out.

And a big bag of PB Zukes so she can learn how to suck less at agilities.

Auggie gets to go next except he’s already trying to go to bed. (BTW, that’s the ASSA 2012 Handbook sitting there. That’s my mom’s copy. In the book is a special dedication to Auggie’s grandpa… and also, Auggie himself. Also lots and lots and lots of relatives to all of my guys.)

Auggie’s bag of goodies!

This year I wrapped their toys for them.

I had to get him started but he was fine to rip it after this. Except then he neglected to see the toy inside and just kept trying to play with the wrapping paper…

It’s a new puppy!! Auggie has this big green puppy in his crate that he LOVES to snuggle and play with (and I HATE to play with) so I bought him this, a smaller blue puppy. This will work for fetch soooo much better.

Auggie likes his new puppy.

Yes, yes indeed. Auggie Approved.

Pepper next! She was willing to look in the bag after she watched Georgie open hers, and also, there are bags of treats in there…

Trying to get her to rip her present. Wasn’t working LOL. It was a victory just to get her to stick her head in the bag!!

Oooooh what’s that?!

It’s a bunny! A little pink bunny, just like I call my Pepper, LOL.

She likes it. <3
Payton’s turn.

He didn’t realize he needed to take the paper off and was going to just take this as his gift.

Oh it’s a football. Don’t care, bitches in season.

Meanwhile there’s also a bag with presents for all three, and Pepper is the only one who cares.

Once Payton realized there was a new stuffed sheep, suddenly he was interested.

There’s also this – it’s the sheep pen toy with three little sheep inside to dig out.

Pepper actually kinda likes this game.

There’s also this plastic vulture thing my grandma bought them.

Next, my sister’s present for them. I realize most of you probably won’t get this. For those who do get it, I apologize for your having The Water Buffalo Song stuck in your head for approximately the next three weeks, because it’s been stuck in MY head ever since Christmas Eve and I don’t think it’s going anywhere soon.

“This smells like Henri. Maybe I should pee on it.”

It’s a water buffalo!!

Auggie also got a water buffalo.

Georgie’s like “Where’s MY water buffalo? Why don’t *I* have a water buffalo?” (Again I am so sorry for those who don’t get it. And probably also those who do.)
Pepper also got a water buffalo, she got a dark brown one like Henri has in his photo since she’s my dark girl. That’s racist.

My grandma also bought them a new Wubba. Auggie wants the water buffalo and only the water buffalo.

Next, stockings on Christmas Day. Or Christmas Afternoon. It was like 1pm when we finally opened stockings because my dad was still sleeping and I was like ALL THE POKEMANS

Auggie got a new harness, I’m hoping to use this on restrained sends with him. Payton is like “For me??”

Auggie isn’t really excited about this.

Payton next!

“I don’t really care about that football, I just want the bully stick I know you have please.”

Pepper is getting the hang of this whole “stick your head in something and magic happy funtimes happen next” shtick.

This might be her first ever bully stick, I’m not sure.

She wanted NOTHING to do with the toy I put in there for her, so I unwrapped it for her. =P

Payton meanwhile had his bully stick, and Auggie was on the couch with his. And all was calm, all was bright.

Georgie’s stocking next. Unfortunately she was bleeding and had to wear her panties for this. Humiliating.

She could smell the bully stick in there and didn’t care that much about the elephant toy.

SUCCESS. I think my mom was a little offended she cared zilch for the elephant toy and only wanted the bully stick.

Finally, for those who didn’t get a copy of my Christmas card this year, this was the front:

And on the back, I wanted to do a “Christmas letter” –

And that is that. Happy Christmas belatedly to everybody.